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Here you'll find interactive workshops that provide you with the know-how to establish and run a successful business. Get real-world business strategies and industry knowledge from online workshops designed to help your business grow and succeed. The workshops provide in-depth strategies and solutions to help you manage, operate and build your business, and are accessible 24/7. Stay tuned for even more valuable information and workshops in the coming months.


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Getting Started

Click on one of the workshops titles below. You will be able to view a complete description and register for the workshop. You can begin taking the workshop immediately or at your convenience by accessing the link that will be sent to you after registering in an e-mail confirmation.

Online training takes approximately 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on how long you spend on each section.


Sales and Marketing

Advertising Your Business

Analyzing Your Competition

Building a Website

Building Your Brand

Conducting a Market Analysis

Creating a Competitive Advantage

Identifying Your Sales Strategy

Maintaining an Agile Company

Personalization Strategies

Pricing Products and Services

Promoting Your Business

Targeting Your Market


Creating a Strategic Plan

Conducting a Market Analysis

Determining Your Company�s Legal Structure

Growing with Partners and Investors 

Developing a Business Plan

Valuing a Business

Protecting Your Intellectual Property with
Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights

Financial Management

Analyzing Your Financial Ratios

Managing Your Cash Flow 

Assessing Your Company�s Financial Needs

Preparing a Balance Sheet 

Creating a Profit and Loss Statement

Preparing A Cash Budget