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Starting A Business - Part 1
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Location: Brazosport College Small Business Development Center, Corporate Learning Center
500 College Drive
Lake Jackson, Texas 77566

                    “STARTING  A BUSINESS—Part 1”

        Janice Goines                 Jason Cordoba                      Greg Flaniken
     Brazosport College        Cordoba Law Firm, PLLC       Greg Flaniken & Assoc.
       SBDC Director              Attorney at Law                     
Real Estate Broker

 This seminar is recommended for anyone who owns a new business or is thinking of
  starting or buying a business.  Topics include:

    •  Introduction: SBDC Small Business Assistance
    •  Feasibility and Research
    •  Legal Business Structure Options

    •  Leasing or Purchasing Commercial Real Estate
    •  Business Planning and Financing Options

     Note: Seminars can be taken in any order 

  Satisfactory meeting room temperatures are difficult to maintain.
  You  may bring a sweater or jacket to ensure comfort.

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